Azure Window named Malta’s biggest Instagram event

The collapse of the Azure Window has officially become the biggest social media event in Maltese history.

Instagram revealed more than 10,000 pictures of the Dwejra landmark were uploaded on the photo-sharing website on the day it crashed into the sea.

Images of the Azure Window dominated the hashtags #malta and #gozo on the social media site for weeks afterwards.

The #azurewindow hashtag still has more than 67,000 hits.

The world-famous beauty spot finally cracked during a ferocious storm in March last year.

Since then, Instagram has been flooded with images of the iconic stone arch as thousands of Instagram users shared selfies and their memories of the Gozo landmark.

The Azure Window was created when two limestone sea caves collapsed around 170 years ago.

It was one of the most best-known sites in the Maltese Islands, attracting tens of thousands of tourists to Gozo each year.

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