Avril Lavigne Hints at New Music In The New Year on Instagram


Pop-punk star Avril Lavigne has been taking to social media and posting quite a few hints that we should be expecting some new music to come our way in 2021 – and we’re ready!



Not only is she ‘writing and riding’ her way into the new year, but she’s also doing it alongside renowned rappers Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun!



On Instagram, Avril posted an array of photos showcasing her and the rappers playing instruments and writing songs in the studio.


Is Machine Gun Kelly And Avril Lavigne Releasing New Pop-Punk Song  Together? – Music Mayhem Magazine


The photos, which are accompanied by a caption reading; ‘So are we ready for new music in the new year or what?’ also reveal both Avril and Machine Gun Kelley recording on the mics in the studio.


Looks like 2021 is bringing some fresh collaborations, and we are 100% ready for some new music!