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Average Maltese Person Moves Out At Age 29


According to a recent study, young people in Malta often leave their parents’ homes at an average age of 29, with females typically doing so earlier than males.


Eurostat statistics have shown that Maltese men typically leave the nest around the age of 30, meanwhile women typically leave at a somewhat younger age of 28.
Homeownership is king in Malta but almost 30,000 families live in rented  property
The average age of teenagers leaving home in Malta is the seventh oldest in Europe and around three years older than the European average age, which is 26.5 years old.
The data showed that Portugal (33.6), Croatia (33.3), Slovakia (30.9), Greece (30.7), and Bulgaria had the oldest average ages for leaving home (30.3).
79% of people in Malta are home-owners -

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