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Australians can now add emojis to their number plates

Want to add a smile to your Skoda or some hearts to your Honda?

It’s time to head Down Under.

Personalised number plates featuring emojis are being launched in Australia from next month.

The decorative faces can be added to number plates in Queensland, with drivers having the choice between a winking, smiling or laughing face, the heart eyes or the sunglasses emoji.

The five faces will not form part of the identity of the car, so there’s little chance of overhearing ‘winky face’ on a police radio any time soon.

Plates will cost around €250 – with Personalised Plates Queensland saying they were limiting the range to the five famous faces.

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland said it had no problems with the new scheme.

Rebecca Michael from the RACQ it was no different from drivers putting the logo of their favourite sports team on a plate.

She added: ‘For quite some time we’ve seen that you can support your favourite football team with a symbol on your number plate, a and using an emoji is no different.’

However, Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts questioned whether the emojis could cause problems for the police number plate recognition system.

He told The Brisbane Times: ‘How do you write down the emoji in your number plate after an accident?

‘There should be changeable emojis, so the face turns from a frown to a smiley depending on the driver’s mood and as the traffic gets heavier it becomes angrier.’