Australia Will Be Giving Students Free Pads And Tampons


The Government of New South Wales, a state in Australia announced that they will be providing tampons and sanitary pads for free to all the students across all NSW public schools. The $30 million state program will start at the end of June.


NSW’s Education Minister Sarah Mitchell announced this project saying that this will help address period poverty in schools. She said: “Getting your period should not be a barrier to education. This program is providing schools with dispensers, tampons and pads for free and is supporting young women’s health, engagement and attendance at school.”


Women United hosting event to package tampons, pads for local students | Salem Reporter


NSW followed Victoria’s steps when they became the first state in Australia to provide free access to sanitary products back in October of 2020. This initiative cost around $20.7 million and was distributed across 1,500 public schools.


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