Australia bakes as temperatures approach 50°C

Australia’s summer continues to break records, with parts of the country sweltering in extreme heatwave temperatures approaching 50°C.

The country already experienced the world’s top 15 temperatures earlier this week.

The highest of these was 49.1°C in Tarcoola, a town in South Australia.

Bushfires have ravaged parts of Victoria and Tasmania as weather forecasters warned that ‘nowhere is going to escape the heat’.

Adelaide recorded its hottest day in history on Thursday as temperatures hit 46.6°C.

Adelaide residents are used to sweltering days during the summer, but even they struggled with the oppressive temperatures.

More than 13 towns across South Australia have smashed their own heat records, with some of the state forecast to see temperatures of 50 degrees by the end of the day.

The state’s health authorities reported that 44 people had received emergency treatment for heat-related illness in the past 24 hours.

Health officials issued a public warning to avoid contact with hundreds of heat-stressed bats falling from trees in the countryside.

While thousands of people flocked to the beaches to cool off, thousands more have taken to air-conditioned shopping centres to stay out of the heat.

At one hotel, bosses gave a free beer to each of their patrons.

Around 100 people lined up for their free drink for over one hour.

At Adelaide Zoo pandas were given popsicles, tortoises got cool water wipedowns and hyenas took a dip.

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