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At PwC, The Future Of Work Looks A Lot Like You!


Hey you! Are you an accounting, commerce, law, or STEM student? If you are and are bright and ambitious, then PwC Malta is looking for people like you!


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Forget thinking of PwC Malta as “just another accountancy firm”… Think of PwC Malta as your fast-track to a future in changing the world, for the better.



With a firm belief in equality and opportunity, PwC Malta is on the lookout for students to hop on board their training programme and set sail for even greater heights than you could ever imagine!


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University of Malta students can now benefit from everything PwC Malta has to offer, be it for personal or professional growth, all whilst working in this young and fun environment – and did we mention their employee average age is 29?!



As the largest and leading service provider out there, the firm understands its duty to ensure a responsible approach – aka, doing the right thing whilst also having fun! With a network of offices spanning 155 countries internationally, they’re ready to pass their experience of corporate responsibility on to the next generation and steady the wheel for the next world leaders to come.


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Interest peaking, yet? How does getting involved with a super-cool socially responsible workforce sound?



As for the corporation’s social responsibility – PwC knows the responsibility to better our world lies within each one of us and they want to amplify the good we can all do tenfold, by getting you on board.


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Whether you’re an IT student just starting out or a third-year law student looking for a rung to pull yourself up onto the career ladder, if you want to make a difference through your work, make sure to enlist!



PwC Malta’s student programmes give YOU the opportunity to attend a wide range of technical and soft skills training to help you develop and grow into the person you aspire to be.


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PwC Malta’s biggest aim is to make business part of the solution to the world’s challenges. PwC Malta does a lot to prove – both to the general public and their employees – that good things are still possible if everyone can come together with a collective goal in mind.



The possibilities are endless! PwC Malta wants you to aim for beyond the stars – and their new training setup is geared just for that.


If you work great in a team or would rather fly solo, you needn’t worry – the firm will tailor each experience to suit (and boost) your strengths and areas of development, respectively.



To PwC, the goal (just one of many) is to be the best professional servicing firm in Malta! To you, the goal might be to change the world. Together, you’ll find that both can be possible with a little help from each other on either end!


Register through this quick form and PwC Malta will get back to you with a programme that suits your profile!