Amazing images show Gozo’s Azure Window under the waves

These astonishing images show the shattered remains of Gozo’s Azure Window under the waves.

The picture resolution and details are astounding and show how several large slabs of rock, which once formed the famous Maltese landmark, are still intact.

The stunning pictures – the clearest so far – were captured by a group of diving enthusiasts from Poland.

Konrad Baar, Philipp Breicha, Tomek Fotek and Jacek Chojnacki explored the site with the Xewkija-based dive centre Family Diving Gozo.

The iconic landmark, which found worldwide fame in Clash of the Titans and Game of Thrones, crashed into sea after a heavy storm off the Maltese coast in March 2017.

Some divers claimed the collapse of the Azure Window was one of the best things to have happened to Gozo’s diving industry.

One described it as ‘now more attractive for the divers than before’.

He told The Telegraph: ‘The big white rocks with fresh cracks and brittle structure look really impressive.

‘Without a marker these rocks look like small pieces but they are really big. The whole structure is quite complicated with the canyons and narrow passages.

‘The place can be explored for a long time during a few dives.’

Watch the diving expedition’s full video, below:

W styczniu 2017 roku silny sztorm częściowo uszkodził Azure Window, a 8 marca kolejny sztorm sprawił, że atrakcja turystyczna Malty przestała istnieć. Dziś jest już atrakcją wyłącznie dla nurków. Oto krótki film z tego miejsca. Na filmie pojawiają się Philipp Breicha oraz Tomek Fotek.

Publiée par Konrad Baar sur Mercredi 19 avril 2017

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