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As Of Today, 80% Of The Adult Population Will Have Received At Least The First Dose Of The Vaccine


As Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Dr Chris Fearne, announced, 80% of the country’s adult population is expected to have received at least their first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 by today.


Deputy Prime Minister


Up until yesterday, 621,674 jabs have been administered, of which 350,092 are a first dose or a single dose vaccine, otherwise known as Johnson and Johnson. The number of people who are now fully vaccinated currently stands at 282,709.



Meanwhile, Malta attained ‘herd immunity’ status on 24th May, by which 70% of the population had received the vaccination.


person in white gloves with blue textile on lap


Elsewhere, the number of active cases – as of yesterday – stands at only 29 people. Active cases haven’t been this low since last July.


As of 1st July, those that have received both jabs, or a single dose vaccine, will be enabled to remove their face masks in open public spaces.