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As MGT Reached A Very Delicate Stage, Our 5th Judge Is Back In His Favourite Sunday Chair!


Hello again! So apparently last week I falsely believed we were watching the final auditions episode … it wasn’t the last episode, yesterday was the last auditions episode! Oh Well! The more the merrier, I guess!

Anyway, here’s how the actual final auditions went!



Francisco  started us off with a lovely TikTok medley



I’m certain I’ve seen this man on my For You page.

Geneve was the coolest of the cool kids



Sarah stole one of Maxine’s catchphrases for Street Elements’ audition



Don’t worry, she still said it



And Maria finished the auditions off running around the stage and not missing a single note



Yes, this is actually the final audition … this time.



Next, they had kinda awkward video calls with the Golden Buzzer acts



Small talk, but make it ~2020~


Then Maxine came for my job



Excuse me, I said that first!



Then we had a few flashbacks and comments about acts we forgot about while they pointed at a table



And finally we got the semi-finalists’ reactions, here’s some of the best ones…


This ecstatic reaction from the puppets



This cat which saw his life flash before his eyes


And this, which we missed so much


And just like that, next week, the acts go live as the Semi-Finalskick off on Sunday! I am looking forward to see what they have up their sleeve as they all battle it out for €25,000!