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Art in Public Spaces Project Inaugurated in Pembroke


Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg inaugurated an art in public space project in Pembroke called The Passage of Time.

Minister Ian Borg said, “It is very satisfying for us to continue investing in these types of projects. I strongly believe in the importance of giving people public spaces that have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Art is a concept which gives colour to human life and is a way of identifying with our culture and identity. Our communities are very dear to us and I feel that we are representing them in the best possible way when we create such spaces which raise the quality of life and standard of living of the people. I also would like to thank the various artists as well as the local councils who are working together in favour of the arts and for more benefits for our communities.”



In line with the concept of the call of Art in Public Spaces, the idea behind The Passage of Time, work of artist Stephen Saliba, stems from one of the main characteristics of the locality of Pembroke, namely the architecture of the British period. More precisely, the Clock Tower building, the tallest building in Pembroke. The artist sought to regenerate this historic building in a contemporary way. In fact, this installation integrates the natural space of the surrounding area with the historical element of the building of the English period through a modern artistic interpretation.

Mayor of Pembroke Dean Hili said how Pembroke is a locality that is known for the natural beauty it offers and how this is intertwined with its military history. This installation actually celebrates these two elements. “It was our pleasure in welcoming the artist’s proposal who offered this project for the consideration of the Council, and today we are proud that they are launching it. I would like to express my thanks also to the Ministry for believing in Mr. Spiteri’s proposal. Art has graced our localities; it is an initiative that we will undoubtedly continue to encourage in our towns and villages.”