Are you even Maltese if you’ve never heard these expressions?

The Maltese population is known for its loud and over the top personality which is reflected very clearly in the way we use our language.

Explaining things just the way they are is not enough for us, especially when our emotions are heightened. We always manage to make a big scene, no matter how small the matter actually is.

So, if you’re a true Maltese, these statements have definitely met (or even deafened) your ears.

Ħa ngħolli kollox mas-sema!

If you ever had your mother scream this at you clap your hands.

Wow! Did you feel that earthquake?

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve seen my mother throwing things around in a fit of hysteria because I didn’t use a coaster when I place my drink on the living room table.

And then she has the audacity to yell at me for making a mess, when she’s the one creating it now!?

In the words of Taylor Swift, “you need to calm down”.

(Mum, if you’re reading this, please don’t hurt me.)

Ġibtni żibel!

So, you’re having the time of your life at Numero Uno, dancing and singing like there’s no tomorrow when suddenly someone trusts their elbow into your pancreas, sending your third cup of Vodka Redbull flying across the dancefloor.

EWWW! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?”, screams the raging human who was standing too close to the splash zone.

Get yourself ready for a good ten minutes of them yelling in your face about how you’ve trashed their outfit because of the two droplets that grazed their Ralph Lauren shirt.

Qtajtli seba’ snin min ħajti!

OMG KAREN! I heard they’re sending the warnings today!”

X’HINU!?!*heavy breathing* “Kif qtajtli seba’ snin min ħajti! My parents will kill me if they find out!”

Ok Karen … chill.

Last time I checked we’re humans not cats.

Just get yourself home before your parents delete the one life you have for spending more time gossiping and prancing around with your friends outside of school than attending lectures.

I speak from experience.

Ħa nispoldi!

This one might not actually classify as an exaggeration since it’s no secret that the Maltese love to eat.

You’d be lying if you said you’ve never ate so much that you were about to pop, just like the button of your jeans did after having that third serving of ghagin il-forn.

I still have flashbacks of all the times I’ve ate out at a Turkish kebab place and inhaled so much food that even breathing became a struggle.

Can’t say that I’ve learnt my lesson yet.

Ħa mmut!

Last but certainly not least, the holy grail of the lot.

It is probably the most commonly used expression as there is no scenarios which isn’t appropriate for it.

Whether you just went up a flight of stairs at work because the lift isn’t working or peed yourself with laughter after watching way too many cat videos, you’ll probably always catch yourself saying it.

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