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Are you even Maltese if you don’t know the lyrics to these Maltese songs?

We all love and respect our national anthem as every country should. It represents the history of our islands and the work that our ancestors put into building such a rich culture.

The question is; would you be able to recite the entire anthem form memory in one go?

Go ahead. Try it.

It’s not as easy as it used to be in primary school during the morning assembly, isn’t it?

Oh, come on now. You don’t have to feel bad about it.

Of course it’s difficult to remember. I mean, it’s not like we listen to the national anthem in the shower or pick it to sing at your go-to karaoke place … right?

Maybe you’ll have some better luck remembering the lyrics of these iconic Maltese songs.

Xemx – Big Band Brothers

Who hasn’t experienced a drunk uncle at their cousin’s wedding yelling, “DOQQULI WAĦDA ‘XEMX’ ĦIJ!!”?

Without a doubt, this song is the most well-known among the Maltese population.

I don’t think I’d be exaggerating in saying that we’re probably born with it imprinted in our system.

True story; I didn’t start crying when I was born, but I sure as hell started singing ‘Xemx’ at a perfect pitch.

Tema ’79 – Mary Spiteri

Ugh, *sniff* I’m welling up just thinking about it.

What a perfect song to listen to on a rainy day as you look out your window and think of how far you’d make it as an actor while forcing a tear out of your eyeballs.

Whether its coming from Mary Spiteri’s or Ira Losco’s mouth you just can’t help getting emotional at those beautifully crafted lyrics.

Glorja Tonna – Xtruppaw

I have yet to meet a Maltese person who hasn’t enjoyed at least one night of drinking that has left them questioning their existence the next day.

We can’t help it. It’s in our blood to have a good time!

Xtruppaw basically created an anthem for those of us who share such unforgettable experiences which we will never remember.

Oriġinali Bħali – Hooligan

How could we not mention Malta’s very own Eminem?

(Sorry, I know he doesn’t like to hear that, but the resemblance is uncanny!)

Hooligan’s first album was all the rage in the early 2000s but we can’t deny that the song we will take with us to the grave is the one the album is named after.

There was something so unapologetically cool about someone rapping in Maltese and proving all his haters wrong by releasing his own original CD.

And how could we forget how tirelessly we rehearsed to pinch our noses at the right moment for the iconic;

Inti Djamant – The Tramps

How could anyone not know such a classic after tirelessly hearing Michela Pace’s rendition all over Malta and Gozo?

I’m pretty sure the majority of Gozitans would vote to have this song as their national anthem if they were ever to declare their independence from the Maltese Islands.

Desire – Claudette Pace

I’m sorry, it would’ve been a sin to leave this one out.

Come on, how could I?

Just like ‘Xemx’, you’ll always find someone harassing the DJ to play them this song at a party.

And don’t come for me saying that it is not a Maltese song because 95% of it is written in English.

Its bilingual ok! How current uwx ma like!?