Are Micro Bikinis the next summer swimsuit trend to hit Malta?

micro bikini main image

Imagine you’re minding your own business, browsing Facebook, and having this gem pop up on your feed to cheer you up on a Wednesday morning …

A micro bikini. Now as a bit of a chunky girl living in Malta’s sweltering heat, this is quite obviously a no-go for me. But I have to admit, the thought of seeing anyone, no matter what size they are, wearing a bikini that looks like it’s been put on backwards just cracks me up.

And I’m not the only one. The comments that were on that post were absolutely hilarious.

comments on micro bikini

In case, like them, you’re wondering whether she actually put it on backwards, this image can confirm that she didn’t, although I have to admit, the back part does look like it will give you more coverage if it had to actually come down to it.

micro bikini

Have we just found the next summer swimsuit craze to hit Malta?

… we really hope not.