Architects Guilty Of Miriam Pace’s Involuntary Murder Get Fined And Community Service


Two architects have been found responsible of  the involuntary homicide of Miriam Pace, the woman who died last year after her Santa Venera home collapsed due to problems with the construction site next door.


Roderick Camilleri, 37, and Anthony Mangion, 73, were found guilty of causing Pace’s death by negligence and causing damage to nearby buildings by Magistrate Joe Mifsud.


Camilleri was also found guilty of making false statements to government officials.


Mifsud ordered Camilleri to complete 480 hours of community service and pay a €10,000 punishment, while Mangion was ordered to complete 400 hours of community service and pay a €8,000 fine.


When sentencing the men, Mifsud quoted Archbishop Charles Scicluna as saying society was after justice, not revenge, for Miriam Pace.


Mifsud quotes Archbishop Charles Scicluna as declaring that society sought justice for Miriam Pace, not revenge, when condemning the men.

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