Ara x’qala l-bahar! Thousands of jelly fish was ashore Pretty Bay Birzebbugia

This has to be the stuff of nightmares.

Thousands of jelly fish invaded Birzebbugia bay (also commonly known as Pretty Bay) after ‘en masse’ reproduction saw the pesky little things washed ashore.

Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection Deo Debattista took to his socials and shared snippets of the jellyfish-infested sands and the immediate efforts that went into cleaning up Pretty bay.

And although we have to admit that this did shock us. I mean, mention one person who likes jelly fish … don’t worry, I’ll wait. No one? Yeah, thought so.

It appears that this infestation is not a result of some science experiment gone wrong, or one of the many consequences us humans brought upon ourselves thanks to climate change [at least not the reproduction part]. No, this is apparently nature’s order, or so professor and marine biologist Alan Deidun explains.

“Thousands of mauve stinger (Pelagia noctiluca) jellyfish beached at Pretty Bay in Birżebbuġa. This species reproduces en masse at this time of year, with the adults dying off as soon as they release their eggs. The new generation will come of age in a few months time, and hence expect a new mauve stinger jellyfish bloom in early-mid spring (April/May). [Such fun!]

This beaching at Pretty Bay is the result of continuous un-seasonal south-east wind (Xlokk) blowing over the past few days….thanks to Raymond Tanone and to the Cleansing and Maintenance Department for the photos and the alert. Keep supporting the Spot the Jellyfish campaign, even in winter. We are always open to receive and validate your citizen science reports!’

Let’s look on the bright side … at least this didn’t happen in summer.

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