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Apple Will Reportedly Be Launching Cars by 2024


From watches and phones to tablets and music, Apple is reportedly planning to give Tesla a run for its money, and they’re aiming to do so by 2024…


How About That: Apple Car Could Launch in Late 2021 - autoevolution


According to several reports, Apple wants to release its very own car as part of its Project Titan, which began over 6 years ago. At a point, Apple also backtracked on its plans in order to focus on software, but apparently, the company has changed its mind once again after a former Tesla employee returned to oversee the project in 2018.



Reportedly, Apple is building a self-driving vehicle and aims to make it available to the mass market by 2024. It’s rumoured that its new car battery design will radically reduce the price of batteries whilst increasing the vehicle’s range, which presently sits at 181 miles.


Bloomberg: Apple Car reportedly hitting the market in 2024 with revolutionary technology - MSPoweruser - TRENDING TECHNOLOGY PRESS


A source reported, If there is one company on the planet that has the resources to do that, it’s probably Apple. But at the same time, it’s not a cell-phone”.



However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the car’s debut might be pushed back to 2025. The vehicle is also said to be fitted with LiDAR sensors (Light Detection and Ranging). The sensors use infrared and ultraviolet light to map out the environment around them.


Dubious supply chain report claims 'Apple Car' will arrive in September 2021 | AppleInsider


The project might also be delayed since the company has taken quite a hit after letting go of nearly 200 people from Project Titan. Despite all struggles, Apple still managed to release several new items, including the Apple Watch Series 6, the iOS14 update, the Airpod Max, and a new Mac Mini, to name a few.