Apple Pay launches in Malta!

It’s official! You can finally use Apple Pay right here in Malta, together with 12 other countries, all launched today.

Apple’s mobile payment system is now available to millions of users across Europe.

The service allows you to pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch and is available in 28 countries now.

Revolut customers can add their card to Apple Pay with the Revolut app or Wallet app.

Adding your card and using it to pay in shops across Malta and Gozo is really easy too!

Check it out for yourself:

Revolut is available on the App Store in Malta and users of the banking platform will be able to add their card to Apple Pay and use their Apple devices to make payments in local shops.

“This is a very positive step forward in enabling even more of our customers to use their money in the way that they want to.”

Not only is it super easy to use, but it’s really secure too. You’ll need face recognition or touch ID to make any payments using your iPhone or Apple Watch. The actual card details are not stored on the device or Apple’s servers, a unique account number is assigned to your device, encrypted and stored.


Revolut was founded in 2015 and launched in Malta back in September 2018 when the company’s CEO caused a stir by accusing Maltese banks of using “crappy technology” and of taking advantage of their customers with endless banking fees.

Cards that are issued by Bank Of Valletta and HSBC in Malta, do not offer support for this payment system as of yet.

Will you be using Apple Pay in Malta? Let us know!