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Apple Might Be Introducing Glasses That Unlock All of Your Devices


Apple has filed a patent for hi-tech glasses that would unlock all of your Apple devices which multiple sources are calling ‘Apple Glasses’. Basically, it works the same way as when a user unlocks their MacBook when wearing an Apple Watch.


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Apple has described them as ‘an authenticated device that is worn by a user as a head-mounted device.’ When wearers get close enough to their devices, then they’re unlocked, but Apple is yet to disclose exactly what this range of distance would be.



This device would help streamline the user experience across multiple devices by reducing the amount of unlocking required. Plus, users won’t run into the problem of unknowingly unlocking a device, since the glasses will need ‘special orientation’ from the users for the function to be enabled, like turning to face the device.


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A release date is yet to be announced, but some sources have suggested that the Apple Glasses will launch later this year.


Apple also filed two patents for wireless charging on MacBook.