Apple Is Allegedly Working on A Foldable iPhone


According to Tech Insiders, Apple is allegedly giving Samsung and Motorola a run for their money, as they’re developing a foldable iPhone!


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Apple has submitted patents and is currently prototyping folding screens to be tested within the company, but has yet to develop a full prototype handset, according to sources.



Basically, the idea is to create a hidden hinge behind the screen, allowing the phone to completely fold in half along one axis, taking us back to the early 2000s when Motorolas were all the rage!


Apple Foldable iPhone - IT'S INEVITABLE!!! - YouTube


So far, there’s nothing concrete to suggest they’re considering bringing something to the market especially since only a fraction of the stuff they patent actually hits the shops.



Meanwhile, Samsung has already delivered their promise on a folding phone which folds vertically along the middle, the Galaxy Fold – so Apple might want to keep up with their competitors here. Due to some sound complaints, Samsung later released the Galaxy Z Flip, a horizontally folding smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Credit: PA


Either way, it will be interesting to see what Apple will eventually come up with if anything at all!

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