Apple Introduces Gender-Inclusive & COVID-19 Emojis For iOS 14.5


The renowned tech giant Apple will be introducing gender-inclusive and coronavirus-related emojis for iOS 14.5 with 217 new emojis, alongside enabling Face ID with face masks on!


Image result for apple new emojis


Whilst some emojis are completely new, such as the gender-inclusive symbols, some original emojis have been updated, like the syringe which is now less graphic and is meant to represent the vaccine.



Apple is also allowing users to use emojis that show both women and men with beards, and more inclusive sets of couples, with diverse skin tone choices becoming available.


The syringe is now less graphic (Credit: Apple)


As for the iconic smiley, three new designs have been introduced: Exhaling Face, Face With Spiral Eyes, and Face in Clouds. There will also be two new heart emojis, one being on fire and the other wrapped in bandages.


The romantic emojis have become more diverse (Credit: Apple)


Elsewhere, the headphone symbol now looks more like the AirPods Max. iOS 14.5 is expected to roll out sometime this spring.


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