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Watch as 100 baby turtles hatch on Maltese beach

What’s better than watching the sunset on a Maltese beach?

A group of tourists at Gnejna Bay discovered the answer to that question on Wednesday night as they were treated to a unique display of nature at work.

They watched in awe as 100 sea turtle hatchlings emerged from the sand and slowly scampered their way toward the waves.

The rare event was caught on camera by Chris Zammit Cordina, a volunteer with Nature Trust Malta.

It was the first turtle nest in Malta to hatch for two years.

A spokesman for Nature Trust told 89.7 Bay: ‘They all made a beeline for the water, and every one of them made it.

‘A total of exactly 100 turtles hatched at Gnejna Bay.

’98 turtles hatched on Wednesday night at about 9.15 am while another two emerged from the sand later the same night.’

The eggs were laid by a mother turtle on June 25.

An enclosure was erected around the nesting site, which was monitored by Nature Trust Malta.

Loggerheads are the most common species found in Maltese waters.

Last October, the Prince of Wales released a rehabilitated turtle back into the sea at Golden Bay.

Prince Charles watched as the turtle, named Denise and estimated to be 18 years old, made her way into the water after recovering from breathing problems caused by plastic she had eaten.