Apparently you can now buy baby milk and other pharmaceuticals from a vending machine right here in Malta


A vending machine in front of  a pharmacy in Attard is now selling baby milk and other over-the-counter products, making pharmaceuticals available to the public even when all pharmacies are closed.

Us Maltese being Maltese, the post that’s sharing the news on the Salott got some interesting comments.

One said: “Let’s see how long it will be before someone takes the whole vending machine home with them.” Given the “tajjeb ghax tajjeb u tajjeb ghax b’xejn” most of Maltese people live by, we can see why such comments were made.

Concerns obviously came up regarding the summer heat and whether products will still stay safe to use once bought from the machine, but it appears that the vending machine has an inbuilt cooling system to keep products in their prime condition.

We think this is a great initiative, especially if it saves us driving to the airport after pharmacies are closed … more so if you live anywhere northern than Haz-Zebbug, right?

What do you think about this vending machine with over-the-counter pharmacy products?

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