App Detects Covid-19 By Coughing Into Phone


A new app is claiming to offer 92% accurate Covid-19 tests just by coughing into the phone itself. 


The app called ResApp, was developed by scientists and uses machine learning to analyse the sounds of a cough to detect the virus. During testing, this app was found to be 92% accurate in detecting Covid-19.


A new app claims it can test for Covid with 92 per cent accuracy


A member of the app’s Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Catherine Bennett said: “By rapidly ruling out Covid-19, ResApp’s COVID-19 test would significantly reduce the number of rapid antigen and PCR tests required, while still maintaining the disease surveillance needed to manage the continued impact of Covid-19.”


The app says it conducted a test on more than 700 people


Developers say that this app will be used at first in settings where frequent Covid-19 testing is required, which includes travel, sports, entertainment, and healthcare settings.


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