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Answering The Real Question On Every Maltese Person’s Mind Right Now: What About Buffets?

Following yesterday’s press conference and the numerous articles that followed on more or less every press platform available on the island, it seems like everyone’s been informed on the new measures implemented once some places like hairdressers and restaurants will re-pen.

But it seems like no one has spoken about a matter held so close to more or less every Maltese person’s heart.

What about buffets? 

To cut the answer short for you. No, our beloved buffets will banish for the foreseeable future.

One of the measures decided upon to protect people from COVID-19 whilst slowly re-opening certain places for business, stops restaurants and hotels from serving buffets at their premises.

Heart-breaking, we know. 

Buffets bring high risk of infection, since people are basically using the same cutlery to distribute food from trays to plates, and are also standing in close proximity to the food everyone is basically sharing while doing so.

No form of buffets will be tolerated, neither breakfast ones (this one will be sorely missed), nor lunch or dinner ones.

Seems like all buffet lovers out there will have to wait until the pandemic is under better control to enjoy the gloriousness that a buffet brings with it. For now, guess we’ll just have enjoy one plate of food at the dinner table … like sensible people do.

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