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Another Massive Drug Find At Malta International Airport by Customs Officials


Yesterday, during routine screening of passengers arriving from Seville, a suspicious Spanish couple was discovered to be carrying 13.95kg of Cannabis.

The couple arrived in Malta from Seville and after picking up their luggage they were directed by Customs officials for a luggage scan. Once scanned, suspicious items were flagged on the X-ray and subsequent searches in the luggage of both passengers resulted in the elevation of 13 plastic bags in total, 7, weighing 7.60kgs, from one luggage and another 6 bags, weighing 6.35kgs, from the other.



The contents in the bags tested positive for cannabis. Physical search resulted also in the elevation of a small plastic bag,  containing white powder which tested positive for cocaine.

The passengers and the drugs were handed over to the Police Drug Squad for further investigations, while duty Magistrate was informed about the haul and assigned several court experts to assist. Both passengers are expected to be arraigned in court in the coming hours.



This is the second seizure of its kind, in recent weeks, with the same routing (Seville) and the third from Spain.

Customs Officials play a key role in border control and especially so during this pandemic period.