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Another Flamingo Spotted In Ghadira, In Less Than A Week

It seems like come August/September, flamingos take a keen interest in our Maltese seas.

It was only a couple of days ago, that a flamingo was spotted both in Ghadira and Birzebbugia bay. Now, in less than a week, another flamingo has dropped by Ghadira Bay for a visit, getting really close to swimmers nearby.

“Everyone was amazed and followed the flamingo closely and discretely. Nice experience!” Jacquie Muscat, who took these pictures, told Times Of Malta.

Birdlife Malta chief executive Mark Sultana told 89.7 Bay: ‘Flamingos are migrating at this time of the year in flocks mixed between adults and juveniles.

‘Juveniles tend to fall behind exhausted and lost.

‘If anyone sees a flamingo which is on its own, please call us for assistance.’

Four things to do if you spot a flamingo

1. If it is close to a road, stand in its way to stop it from moving forward

2. Call BirdLife Malta’s emergency number 2134 7646

3. Do not touch it – flamingo necks and legs are very delicate

4. Do not give it food or water – their digestive tract is very delicate


Photo credits to Times of Malta