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Another COVID-19 Vaccine is Showing Promising Results


An Australian COVID-19 vaccine has generated an immune response to the disease and been proven safe for use in the first round of human trials.

The vaccine known as ‘Covax-19’ was developed by professor Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University in Adelaide and cleared the phase one trial this month.

It is the first Australian-developed vaccine to pass the first round of trials, which sees the treatment tested on 40 volunteers, none of whom recorded any significant side effects.


The vaccine known as 'Covax-19' cleared the phase one trial this month after it developed an immune response to coronavirus in human subjects. Pictured are volunteers in the study


‘We have confirmed that the Covax-19 vaccine can induce ­appropriate antibody responses in human subjects,’ Prof Petrovsky told The Australian.

The study will now move onto its second phase of trial, which will see some 500 people testing the vaccine in September.

Prof Petrovsky’s company VAXINE, is already preparing for a potential phase-three 50,000-person trial, which would likely target countries suffering the most from the virus.



Photos: REUTERS, Medytox