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Another Country Has Been Added to Malta’s Safe-Travel List


Travel between Malta and Sweden is now allowed without any restrictions, as Sweden has been added to Malta’s Safe Corridor List. This decision was communicated officially through a Legal Notice which was issued on Friday.

Malta was in fact the only country to not allow travel from Sweden, since the country’s rates were still among the highest when the ‘safe corridor list’ was initially drafted in July.



With many considering this as good news, giving the large amount of Swedes currently in Malta, what this change effectively means is that people going to Sweden or people from Sweden coming to Malta can do so without showing that they are not infected with COVID-19, and without even following quarantine instructions upon arrival – which is effectively what people coming from the amber-list countries or airports must do.

Malta’s Amber List remains unchanged, and it includes Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Romania and all the Paris Airports, as well as Marseille.