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Another Battle Of The Ages: Does The Iconic Lion Statue Belong To Valletta Or Floriana?

The feud between Valletta and Floriana has been going on for ages. Two locations that are so close to each other, yet so far when it comes to what they love the most. One sure-fire way of how to get these two in a heated argument is to ask what Pierre asked our listeners on Bay Drive yesterday.

He received so many messages from Beltin and Furjanizi alike, people just couldn’t stop arguing!

Celebrations are going underway later today, because Floriana have won the League, and a whole debate came out of the place of celebration, the infamous lion statue that no one is sure who it exactly belongs to.

Does the lion statue belong to Valletta, or Floriana?

And oh my god, the replies Pierre got were unexpectedly entertaining. Who would’ve guessed people would get so worked up over a statue?

Oh but they did…

Here are some of our favourite replies:

It belongs to Valletta. It belongs to us so much that it’s even on our flag!”

“The Lion is in St Anne’s street. Check maps and see where it tells you St Anne’s is … FLORIANA!” … got to hand it to this one, sassy…

“You’d have to be blind to say that the lion is in Valletta!! Why would you give a statue of such high standard to someplace like Valletta? King of the jungle for the best in the country ux… FLORIANA!”

“The Lion belongs to the people in Valletta. Not his year or any other year, Floriana aren’t going to steal the lion, and neither is any other team in Malta.”

“Lion is Valeltta’s 100%.  Tomorrow Floriana is going to celebrate the table League.”

What do you think? Who does the statue belong to? Floriana or Valletta?