Anonymous Leak 364,000 Russian Files


Anonymous recently breached a Russian federal executive agency called Roskomnadzor’s confidential database.


This agency was responsible for monitoring, controlling and censoring Russian media. This attack managed to leak more that 360,000 files to the general public. The majority of the files leaked contained documents concerning the republic of Bashkortostan, one of the largest provinces in the Russian federation.


Anonymous planned this cyber attack on Roskomnadzor because they considered their activities a matter of the public interest which the people of Russia and the rest of the world should be informed about.


Ukraine invasion: Hacker collective Anonymous launch cyberwar against Russia taking down government websites


In a statement, Anonymous said: “the Russian people should have access to information about their government… We are publishing this release in anticipation of Russia potentially being cut off from the global internet on March 11, and hope Russians will have time to download this data, before then.”


Anonymous and other hacker have been criticising Russia from the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion and have been making attacks on government websites, state-run TV channels and online video streaming platforms.