Anonymous Hackers Declare Cyber War And Shut Down Russian Sites


The collective of hackers who call themselves Anonymous have declared a cyber war against Russia as they disabled several Russian government websites including the state-controlled Russia Today news website. They announced that they planned and launched cyber operations to take down the state news website along with the websites of the Kremlin, the Russian government and the Russian defence ministry websites.


Anonymous is a hacking collective without leadership or hierarchy who has created wider cyber attacks. Some of these attacks targeted the CIA, the Islamic State and the Church of Scientology. They posted a video on the 15th of February threatening to take cyber actions against Russia if they escalated the Ukraine crisis. The escalation of the crisis throughout this week led Anonymous to launch their cyber operations. confirmed that this cyber attack took place and said that this slowed down the websites and took other websites offline for a long period of time. The state news website has a pro-Russian agenda and was recently showing fireworks and cheerful celebrations in the newly Russian occupied territories in Ukraine.


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This attack reportedly involved multiple systems flooding a targeted website so that no other traffic could get through. One of the measures switched off foreign traffic to the website making it difficult for persons outside Russia to access Russia Today.



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