Animal Welfare Gozo Urges People To Adopt As Kennels Reach Max Capacity


All of the above photos are taken from Animal Welfare Gozo. Some of the pets pictured above are up for adoption/fostering.


Animal Welfare Gozo has called upon the general public in a bid to urge them to adopt or foster some of their dogs.



This comes after their dog kennels reached maximum capacity. Taking to Facebook, the Animal Welfare wrote: ‘Out dog kennels are FULL UP. Unless anyone comes forward to adopt or foster any of our dogs, we can’t take in any more.’


When you open your home to a dog, you would also be helping others on the street find care and shelter. If you can, please come forward and opt for adoption or fostering. Come visit us to meet our loving dogs’, they added.



So, if you or anyone you know is looking to give a furry friend a loving home, we urge you to visit Animal Welfare in Gozo or to call them on (+356) 7969 1717.


And if you can’t, give this article a share to help raise awareness.

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