Animal Remains Left Rotting In Skips Causing Intolerable Stench In Marsa


Animal corpses have been left to decompose in the sun at the Marsa incinerator, causing such an awful smell that it made people vomit and even prompted foreign clients of a nearby boating facility to leave.



An advisor of one of the companies within the area argued that the foul smell is damaging businesses and impacting their employees.


A skip containing the exposed carcass of a cow. Photos: Matthew Mirabelli


However, the stench that sometimes emits from Wasteserv’s thermal treatment plant is a perennial problem in Marsa that has persisted for years.



Employees on-site revealed that skips containing animal remains could be seen, including skinned rabbits, an uncovered cow, at least two dead horses, and dried blood on the ground.


Rabbit carcasses covered in flies. Photo: Jonathan Borg


Built in 2007, the incinerator takes care of all the Island’s abattoir and clinical waste, as well as refuse-derived fuel and other waste. In 2016, an autoclave – which extracts animal fat from carcasses – was added to help Malta reach its sustainable energy strategy.

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