Angelina Jolie Returns with New Movie ‘Come Away’


‘Come Away’ is an upcoming movie with a mix between the fantasy world and the real world, as the director attempts to reimagine the adventures of Alice In Wonderland and even Peter Pan as brother and sister!


Come Away' Director Brenda Chapman Stands Up to Review Bombing | IndieWire


Alice (Keira Chansa) and Peter (Jordan A.Nash) try to make their parents happy in such difficult times as their son, David (Reece Yates) who was very intelligent had died under the sea when he was hit by lightning.



The parents were hit by harsh reality and began gambling and day-drinking. Meanwhile, Jack (David Oyelowo) and Rose (Angelina Jolie) are a married couple living in the countryside. We also see rich aunt Eleanor, who is always teaching Alice to be ladylike.



Although this movie has famous actors and actresses and the plot is good too, it had a lot of racist backlashes. Many people were giving a lot of negative reviews online because Peter Pan and Alice are played by people of color, as if they’re “trying too hard”



But I guess we have to wait and see for ourselves before judging the inventive movie, which is now showing on the big screen at Eden Cinemas!


Come Away Trailer: A Whimsical, Wondrous Fairy Tale Origin Story – /Film


Fun fact: Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo have met before acting together and their kids also have play dates together…how cute is that?