Angela Merkel seen shaking for third time in month

Angela Merkel has been spotted shaking uncontrollably again amid growing concerns for her health.

The German chancellor, 64, appeared to tremble as she formally welcomed Finland’s prime minister Antti Rinne to Berlin.

As the national anthems played, Mrs Merkel’s hands were seen to grip into fists and her mouth set in a determined, thin expression.

The visible shaking followed similar episodes on June 18 and June 27 however she recovered quickly when she started walking.

The first incident happened in hot weather, and Mrs Merkel said afterwards that she was fine after drinking three glasses of water.

The weather was cool at the latest event.

On previous occasions she blamed her unsteadiness on dehydration.

Mrs Merkel – the most powerful woman in the world – is Europe’s most influential politician.

Speaking to journalists afterwards, the veteran chancellor said: ‘I feel very well, there is no need to worry.

‘I think me saying I am fine should be acceptable.’

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