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Incredible pictures show life in Malta 100 years ago

Maltese children in their bare feet line up in the street for a photograph 100 years ago.

The amazing picture, above, is one of around a dozen never-before-seen photographs of Malta taken in 1918.

They were uncovered by a photography enthusiast among an assortment of her grandfather’s old photo slides.

In a series of candid snapshots, Private Joshua Whalley is seen in his army medical corps uniform as he carries out his duties in Malta.

In one he is seen riding on a donkey cart near Bahar-ic-Cahaq, in another he is photographed with his friends on a karozzin.

During his time in Malta, Joshua also snapped photos of Msida, Mosta, Notabile railway station near Rabat, Valletta’s Royal Opera House as well as farmers working in fields, and the army camps at Pembroke and Ghajn Tuffieha.

Joshua’s granddaughter Sally Buck from Toronto in Canada said: ‘He actually lied about his age to get into the army. He was only 16.’

She added: ‘Malta was the British Empire’s island hospital during the First World War, the Nurse of the Mediterranean.

‘My mum’s dad photographed the tents where surgeries were done.

‘When they weren’t treating patients, they swam, played games, and went into local towns. My grandfather documented a lot of this in his photos.’

‘I fell in love with his little books of photos. I photographed them and created a small album.’

See if you can recognise some of the locations, below.

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