Amazing Bay Retro images show life in Malta 120 years ago

These days, living in Malta is all about avoiding traffic jams, answering countless emails at work and posing for selfies on social media, but 120 years ago life was a much more simple affair.

Back in 1898, when a journey to London took at least 10 days instead of two-and-a-half hours on a budget airline, many Maltese were just getting the hang of photography.

Now a series of amazing images from this era have emerged – with incredible pictures of Malta’s Victorians in front of the camera.

Some feature locations that are no longer standing. Can you recognise them?

The black and white images, obtained exclusively by the award-winning Bay Retro Facebook page, also show how the fashions of the time for women often involved the traditional black ghonella.

In one picture, a group of friends sit on the kerbside selling vegetables and flowers in Valletta.

Another shows a large crowd enjoying a day in the sunshine at Balluta Bay in St Julian’s, while others listen to a brass band on the promenade at Ghar id-Dud in Sliema.

Revealing just how much has changed, one snap even shows a woman buying a dead rabbit for dinner from a stall in Market Street in Floriana in 1898.

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