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ALS Telethon: Another Display of Solidarity and Generosity – The Assets of the Maltese Public


Everyone’s faith in humanity was once again confirmed as €1,436,955 was raised for ALS Malta during a 12-hour telethon.

After being diagnosed with ALS in 2015, Bjorn Formosa wanted to raise awareness and help other people like him. Since then, he has created the ALS Malta Foundation and the first-ever residential home for patients suffering from ALS and other motor neurone diseases. Yesterday’s fundraiser revolved around the opening a second home in order to house even more patients.



As Bjorn had reiterated, the first home is full and there is a long waiting list of patients who need the facilities of these homes. People with neurological diseases are often left paralysed and thus trapped inside their own homes with no means of leaving the house and nobody to help them do so.



Until the new home is built, ALS Malta still supports these patients by providing them with devices, wheelchairs, and physiological or psychological care as needed, free of charge.



Yesterday’s telethon featured also several clips of patients and their relatives, who were ever so thankful for the foundation as it had given them back their dignity despite the degenerative nature of their disabilities.



Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Maltese Public showed its generosity once again as they managed to raise over €1 million in funds. The atmosphere in the studio was phenomenal and Bjorn and Maria were visibly moved.

As Bjorn said; yesterday’s event was proof that no matter the obstacle, you can always overcome it. It is wonderful to witness such selfless acts and generosity in a time where we are surrounded by a higher degree of negativity rather than the positivity which we all love!