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Almost Half Of Pet Owners Unaware Of Dog Sunburn

While you’re putting sunscreen on you own skin, your pet could use some too!

In a study of almost 2,000 dog owners, it was revealed that 46% were unaware that their furry friend requires sun protection. Another 55% were not aware that a dog’s skin may be just as badly damaged by a sunburn as it is for humans.
Why Do Dogs Lay in the Sun? Here Is the Secret to Dog Sunbathing! – GoMine
Meanwhile, seven out of ten individuals acknowledged that they are clueless about how much sunscreen to apply to a dog. Additionally, 57 % of people claim to never put sunscreen on their dog before a stroll.
Four out of ten people believe wearing human sunscreen is good for your pet, howevwer, experts warn that these products frequently include ingredients that may be dangerous to animals.
Sunburns and Solar Protection for Dogs - PetPlace

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