Almost €3,000 Raised In 24 Hours, For Olandu, A Bullied And Underpaid Worker

The story of Olandu has been on everyone’s lips over the past couple of days.

Olandu is a refuse-collection worker who spoke out to Maltese media after being unjustly treated by his superior. He shares how after working from 6 am to 5 pm for 21 whole days, he received a wage of €250, which amounts to the abysmal rate of €1.20 an hour.

He had to resort to quitting his job, as he was unable to pay transport to get himself to and fro work. He was told to show up at the end of the month to collect the rest of his pay and was only given €250 euro. Not only was he refused the rest of his income after demanding it but was also attacked by his boss.

The company in question has claimed that Olandu had actually stolen €250 on the day he quit his job, but Olandu has denied every and any allegation that he stole money from the company.

Following the whole situation, one user Amanda Vella started a fundraiser with the aim of helping Olandu out by giving him the rest of the money that was owed to him for the work he had done.

The goal of the fundraiser was set at €400 … only, after 24 hours, close to €3,000 have already been raised. 

So far, 190 people have donated to the cause – if you wish to donate, you can do so by following this link!

When spoken to about the situation, Olando has shared that “I love and respect the Maltese a lot, my boss is no exception. I gave him all the respect a son gives to his father and made sure to be attending to my duties at the time that he told me to.”

“I am so sorry if this is really getting on the nerves of some people, and I’m sorry if I offended my boss by reporting this incident to the media – I had no choice at that point but to do that.”