All you need to know about Malta’s new scooter rules

malta scooters

Electric scooter riders in Malta could soon need a licence and insurance.

The proposed new measures outlined by Transport Minister Ian Borg, who said that the number of scooters on Malta’s roads had soared in recent months.

He said there needed to be a balance between encouraging their use and public safety.

Dr Borg told reporters: ‘When you have a vehicle that can go at speed, it’s important to have it supplied with head lights and tail lights.

‘I cannot understand how anyone zooming along at 40km/hr can expect not to be equipped with basics like lights, for example.’

The proposed new rules were unveiled by the minister at the start of a 20-day public consultation period.

You can have your say on the issue here.

In other EU countries, such as Germany, scooter users do not require a licence and the minimum age is set at 14.

In France, scooters have been banned from pavements, while in the UK and Ireland they are completely illegal.

In Spain, the speed limit is 30km/hr but you must wear a crash helmet.

Here’s everything you need to know about how the planned changes will affect scooter riders in Malta.

How much will it cost you?

There will be a one-time Transport Malta registration fee for scooters of €11.65.

Riders will also have to pay €25 for an annual license.

You need to be safe

Scooter riders will have to be aged 18 or over.

Scooters will need to be equipped with headlights and tail lamps.

If you riding a scooter at night, you will be expected to wear a high visibility vest.

How fast can you go?

The maximum speed allowed on promenades and pavements will be restricted to 10km/hr.

A 20km/hr limit will be allowed on most urban streets and cycle paths.

If you’re caught speeding you could face a fine or penalty points on your licence.

Just like drivers and motorcyclists, scooter riders will have to follow all relevant traffic signs.

Where shouldn’t you ride your scooter?

You’ll be banned from using your scooter on main arterial roads, such as the Coast Road.

Driving scooters in tunnels will also be outlawed.

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