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All the signs that you’re obsessed with Harry Potter

Harry Potter

If you had to rate your Harry Potter obsession from a scale of 1 to 10, yours would definitely be 9 and 3/4.

Your family and friends have hinted at the fact that you may enjoy talking about Harry Potter a bit too much, but you know you’re really obsessed when …

You mentally compare everyone you meet to a Hogwarts house, a Harry Potter character or a Death-Eater

You own all the seven harry potter books, the two textbooks and the Tales of Beedle Bard, all written by J.K Rowling

You know which house you and your closest friends belong to

You use the word ‘dunderhead’ to insult someone

Your goal in life is to get a home system that voice activates lights so you can turn them on by saying ‘lumos’

You’re close to tears whenever you hear the word ‘always’

When anyone has a question about Harry Potter you’re their go-to person because no one knows more about the subject than you

You’ve grabbed a broom and tried to play Quidditch

You care more about the Quidditch World Cup than the actual World Cup

You’ve lost count of the wand-shaped items you strongly believed were given to you by Ollivander

You’re still waiting for your Hogwards acceptance letter, even though you’re over 20

When you meet someone who loves Harry Potter as much as you do, you know you’re instant besties (if it’s even possible that they love it as much as you)

Your favourite number will forever be 394

You may or may not have given speaking Parseltongue a couple of tries in this lifetime

You can think of a relevant spell whenever the situation arises

One of your biggest wishes is to forget what happens in the books just so you could read them afresh all over again

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