All the Signs that you’re a Maltese Millennial

Millennial: Someone that was born between 1980 and 2000.

That’s the basic definition, but if you’re a Maltese Millennial, rest assured that you can relate to most, if not all of the things listed below.

Here are all the signs that you’re a Maltese Millennial.

The home videos you have of yourself when you were little are all on a video tape

And you can’t help but cringe when you see your pre-pubescent self smiling and waving at the camera with those pajama looking tracksuits that your mother probably got you from the local monti.

Or even worse, those pajama looking tracksuits that you got as your siblings’ hand-me downs and were already a couple of years out of fashion (Why they were even in fashion in the first place is just beyond me).

You grew up playing with these …

Back in the young millennial days, we didn’t have tablets, phones and computers at our disposal … but we did have yoyos, caps, marbles and tamagochi to keep us busy.

And if you owned a tamagochi, you made sure you wouldn’t let anyone else take care of them because the moment you give it away for a few minutes, you just knew it was coming back to you dead and you just couldn’t handle mourning yet another tamagochi death.

When you visited someone’s house, you rang the doorbell because that was the only way they knew you’ve arrived

It’s become common courtesy to completely ditch the door bell and text someone to let them know that you’re waiting for them in front of their house.

We all do it, so I guess we’re all guilty of slowly killing off the door bell industry aren’t we?

The only way to watch series was to watch them at the time they aired on TV

Way before Netflix, android boxes and IPTV, you had to wait till the TV show was airing on TV to actually watch it. If you knew you were going to miss it, you either pleaded to someone to cheekily record it for you, or wait for a replay of it and watch it another time.

That’s not really something we miss to be honest.

You remember this sound (dial up)

Only being able to use the internet in the evening so you don’t get any extra charges, and having to wait at least half an hour to have it connect.

So you’ll obviously remember pleading to your mother not to use the phone for a whole evening, and the complete frustration that came with her doing it anyway.

Then you got your first phone, and it looked something like this

Kids these days will never understand the real definition of long battery life, a phone that is basically indestructible no matter how many times you’ve “accidentally” dropped it, and the joy that came with playing snake.

And if you think your parents take a long time to type out a message on smart phones nowadays … you should’ve seen them with this one.

Your first chatting platform was MIRC


Way before Facebook or Hi5 were a thing, this was how you met people in the virtual world.

The shortest and sweetest conversation starter at the time was: ASL?

Then you switched to MSN

And used to spam all your friends with the yellow lady ROFLing, nudges left, right and centre and all the emojis you created yourself.

All the song lyrics or cheesy quotes you put as nicknames.

Changing from online to appear offline around ten times in a row so that the one person who hasn’t talked to you yet keeps getting notifications that you’re online … over and over.

Aaah, those were the days.

You used to download music off of LimeWire

And you probably got quite a hefty number of computer viruses while you were at it, but hey, at least you could listen to some music on the go.

Then you’d burn them onto a CD and listen to them on a Walkman that’s as big as the circumference of your face.

But times did progress and we did get a bit of an upgrade in the music department. Thanks to MSN, someone could send you a song you’ve been dying to hear and it would only take all night to download.

And if your phone had infrared, you could put the phones together and wait for the song to transfer … if your phone was even that advanced.

You thought that PS2 had some amazing graphics

I mean, after the PS1, how could you not?

You spent A LOT of time playing club penguin

Throwing the best party club penguin has ever seen in your little Igloo, being the envy of all your club penguin playing friends.

And the public buses still looked like this

yellow buses Malta

No ACs, if you were feeling hot, you just cracked open a window and hoped for the best.

The worst thing was when you had to spend the bus ride standing up, holding on for your life to that little strap that was dangling from the ceiling, fearing that the driver was going to take a turn and throw you right on the person in front of you.

And you watched a lot of YouTube videos in the best quality at the time: 480p

You remember the rise of the YouTubers and spent lots of your time entertaining yourself with the latest Equals 3 videos.

You clearly remember the “Leave Britney Alone” video going viral, along with a bunch of cat videos that are still completely relevant and entertaining to watch.

But you got the best of both worlds and for that you’re grateful towards your parents for bringing you into the millennial world

We grew up during the rise of the internet, and while there are some six-year olds running out there who are far more internet savvy than we are, deep in our hearts, we know that we grew up in the best time possible.

Even if the baby boomers keep blaming us for all that is wrong with this world.

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