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All the heartbreaks we’ve experienced so far in this season’s Love Island!

Everyone seems to have jumped on the Love Island bandwagon. Let’s be honest can you even blame them?

The show comes out on the daily, so you only have to wait 24 hours to get your next fix. Not to mention all the drama and heartbreaks that makes you never want to miss a show.

We thought we’d walk you through all the heartbreaks we’ve experienced so far in this season’s Love Island.

If you’re not up to date with Love Island … one little warning: SPOILER ALERT!

When the gang had to choose between saving Joe and Lucie, and they saved Lucie

joe lucy

Joe was one of the originals, and we were quite fond of him, so seeing him leave broke our hearts … but if we had to pick between him and Lucie … yeah we probably would’ve done the same.

When Tommy got first pick and chose Lucie before Joe

tommy and lucy

Thinking back to a day when Molly Mae and Tommy weren’t a thing is weird, but before Molly Mae came into the picture, Tommy actually stole Lucie away from Joe for a sec … and Joe was pisseeeed.

Danny not coupling up with Yewande

Danny and yewanda

I mean, what goes around comes around sure enough, especially since the week after, the public voted off the girl he exchanged Yewanda with.

Girl stayed there for so little, we forgot her name.

But that moment is definitely one of those that broke our heart the most.

When Amber returned from Casa Amor alone and found Michael coupled up with Joanna

michael and amber

This is definitely the worst one. The looks on our faces when Michael decided to couple up with Joanna, and seeing Amber’s reaction as she walked out alone ….

This show really toys with our emotions.

When Amy left the villa so Curtis could move on

Amy and curtis

They were the strongest couple in everyone’s eyes, so when Curtis’ head “turned”, we were shocked, but not as shocked as when Amy basically voted herself out of the villa so that Curtis can pursue and find love.

When Francesca coupled up with Curtis leaving Maura hanging

love island

We shipped Amy and Curtis, but we also ship Maura and Curtis, so when Francesca got in the middle of our newly found OTP … we weren’t happy.

Unpopular opinion bonus:

When Amber coupled up with Greg and not Michael

amber greg

I mean … I know he deserved it really and truly, but secretly, we all want Amber and Michael to get back together… and if you don’t agree, then you need to stop lying to yourself.