All the colleagues you’ll find in a Maltese office

Maltese colleagues

Each work place works in different ways unique to them, but no matter where you go in Malta, you will always find these people in a Maltese office …

The Loud Mouth (It-Tamborlin)

Undoubtedly, you’ll get a bombastic welcome from this person and you’ll probably hear him or her say something like: “Wasalt jien!”.

Ironically, this person is usually the ghageb tal-presepju of the office and sometimes also the scariest co-worker of all!

Il-Hamallu/a or il-Mahallu/a

Every office has its expert in innuendo and rude humour.

This person normally has the worst flirting skills and manners. A popular phrase coming out of a hamallu/a’s mouth is:

“Hamallu and proud!” along with an awkward wink or two.

The Heartthrob (Il-Mazza)

Let’s face it, there’s always that perfectly shaped and damn sexy human being striding gracefully beside your desk. “Jesus take the wheel” vibes all the way.

At least you have something to look forward to going to work every morning!

The Gossiper or the Gossip Gang (Iz-Zekzieka jew ahjar l-FBI ta’Malta)

If you have doubts about a co-worker or if you want to simply know more about a coworker, Cetta or Spiru jaqduk mill-koxxa.

Incidentally, these people happen to miraculously be the most god-gifted researchers on earth and are perfectly capable of scouring social media to satisfy all their needs. Truly living encyclopaedias!

The Calm One (L-Igbejna jew Il-Mejjet Haj)

I can’t relate to these special human beings. They are so slow in whatever they do that it is impossible to ever find them stressed.

And to boot, they have the power to frustrate others even more with their snail-like work. Qum minn hemm xbin! Qisek ir-rieqed!!

The Boss (L-Imghallem)

The most important figure in the office. Typically, this person is the most serious of the whole office lot; always sharp and prepared.

However, there might be the odd easygoing boss or god-forbid the antipatku daqs seba’ mija kind of boss; otherwise known as the pain in no man’s land!