“All State Schools Are Compliant With The Protocols Issued by the Health Authorities” – Education Permanent Secretary


As educators in State and Church Schools head back to school today, while some independent schools are even opening their doors to students, the permanent secretary within the Ministry for Education and Employment, Frank Fabri, in an interview on TVM this morning said that in the past weeks, representatives of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, the OHSA, carried out an independent risk assessment in all primary, middle and secondary state schools.

He said that the aim of this independent risk assessment was to determine whether each school, classroom and office is in fact adhering to the guidelines which were issued by the Health Authorities.



Mr Fabri announced that all the state schools, at all levels, i.e. primary, secondary, and middle, have resulted compliant with all the measures which have to be taken to ensure maximum safety and security for the 55,000 students who will head back to the school desks in the coming week.

Below are some of the main points from the document which was launched earlier this month, while you can read it in full by CLICKING HERE

  • Maximum efforts should be made to maintain an adequate physical distance of 1.5 metres between students.
  • Mixing of students should be minimized as much as possible.
  • Children over 3 years of age should be advised to wear masks and/or visors in the common areas and on school transport but this is not necessary within their own classrooms or when they are in the presence of the members of the same bubble/cluster. At senior/secondary school level (for students born in 2009 or earlier), it is recommended that students wear masks and/or visors at all times, including in their class, besides in common areas and on transport. Exceptions to the wearing of mask or visors is when students are exercising.
  • Staff members are required to wear a face mask and/or visor at all times when in the presence of others (both other staff/ students).