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All Frontliners in Our Hearts – Public Gratitude Initiative Planned for Easter Sunday


Following a nation-wide round of applause carried out last month, a new initiative has just been launched in time for Easter Sunday.

A picture is worth a thousand hearts, and “All Frontliners in our Hearts” organised by Is-Salott and TimesEvents is inviting everyone to draw an image of a heart, which can be downloaded from here, or else make up one of your own, and on Saturday evening, hang it on your front door, window or balcony, using a coloured string.



In this way we will be showing all of our love to all the frontliners who are doing their utmost to keep us safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

People are encouraged to leave the drawing all the way through Easter Sunday, whilst sending a photo of so that after clapping for them, “our hearts we will share.”

All of us at 89.7 Bay encourage you all to participate!