“All Examinations Will Take Place as Planned, With all the Mitigation Measures In Place” – Education Ministry


Following an article published earlier this morning, about “unanswered questions” which students and parents have about upcoming examination sessions, a Spokesperson at the Education Ministry spoke to Bay about the matter.

The spokesperson explained that on the 28th March 2020, the Ministry had announced that, in agreement, with all educational institutions and MATSEC Examinations Board, the SEC examinations (O Levels) will not be done in the session beginning on the 23rd of April.

“A predictive assessment method undertaken by MATSEC will instead be utilised. This will be based on the marks obtained during the mock exams. To establish the result, MATSEC will take into consideration the students’ marks, the corrected examination papers and the marking schemes that were used. MATSEC will then issue a certificate to successful students, showing whether Level 2 or Level 3 was reached. This certificate will allow students with the opportunity to progress into post-secondary schools.  Opportunity will be also given to students, if they wish to do so, to sit for the SEC examinations during the September session,” the Ministry’s PR 200570 read.



About the Intermediate and A-Level exams, the Ministry had said these will not be held during the session starting on the 23rd of April, but will instead be postponed to September of this year. Students will be receiving timetables and all details.  The re-sit session will be done in December. Moreover, all the necessary provisions will be undertaken so that students be given the opportunity to enroll into University, MCAST, or other educational institutions in the coming academic year.

The Spokesperson told Bay that Examinations are to be held as previously announced, in September, and that they will not be canceled, postponed, or done online. Furthermore, these examinations will be held whilst following the guidelines set by the Health Ministry

Moreover, as was previously also announced, Oral Examinations will not be held so as to ensure that all written examinations of all subjects can be offered and for results to be published by not later than 6 November 2020. However, the MATSEC Board will ensure that there will be no adverse effect on grades students are awarded.

As to what regards situations in case of students who are hit by mandatory quarantine, the Ministry spokesperson said that discussions with the relevant student organisations were held today and they were very positive.