Airbnb Is Ready To Pay You To Live Anywhere In The World For A Year


Airbnb has launched quite an original giveaway… Yep. The home-sharing platform is paying for 12 lucky participants to spend one year living exclusively in Airbnb listings anywhere around the globe! Ain’t that a dream?!


woman stepping and going down on stairs viewing mountain and body of water


Oh and, each lucky winner gets to bring up three companions on their year-long travel adventure, which starts in September. And yes, all costs for accommodations will be covered!



You even get an allowance for transportation and help to organise local experiences! I know, I know, sounds too good to be true – but it is!!! All you have to do is share your experiences with Airbnb to help inform the platform’s development.


man holding luggage photo


The announcement comes as companies start to embrace remote working on a long-term basis. In fact, more and more professionals are opting for the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, a way for them to work from new locales without being tied to a physical office space.



A recent Airbnb survey also found that 11% of its long-term stay customers live a nomadic lifestyle, while 74% of respondents expressed interest in living somewhere other than where their employer is based, even after the pandemic.


You can check out the company’s ‘Live Anywhere’ program over on the Airbnb website!

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